We slide in a world of our own, numbed by time and needs. I need life, you need more. I need love, you need more. I need you, you need more… A rush of shock, a stint of feelings, pain, highs and lows. I need you. You. 

We flow on the waves of the now. Being forced to feel, taste, hear, smell, see. See too much, feel too little. I see you, holding my hand. I feel your wants suffocating my soul. No way out, I fight for life, for you. You freeze.

We get lost in a labyrinth of silence. Your silence is not mine. My silence is just fine, too much, never enough, hardly ever satisfying for you. 

Angels fall and demons show their faces.

I feel you slipping, moving towards an end. The lights of wandering souls pull you closer.
Paralyzed by broken dreams, I whisper to myself. ‘Don’t leave me’, too soft for you to hear, too loud to calm myself.

I want to save you; I need to save you. I freeze. The world of our own collapses, sinking in a bath of fleeing dreams. The waves of the now fright me, terrify me. Just me, me and me alone.

My eyelids are heavy, struggling gravity to hide the fear in my eyes.
I clean up my scarred heart, still pounding for what was, what is, what will be. Fighting for you there’s only one way out…

My light starts to whisper, glow, flaunt its flames.
Hoping you’ll find me, I show a piece of my heart.
As a young deer it wobbles.
‘Don’t leave me,’ I whisper again, now powerful enough to let my words cover you, embrace your pain. 
I don’t recognize you, but I love you, I can’t see you, but I feel you. Too much to not feel no more. Now.

Now I miss you. 
I lost you to the power of the now, helpless in a world of shock.
I stumble. I collapse. Bursting in a thousand twinkling lights.

Hello my love.