Sliding through lanes of history, memories, thoughts.
I see a path to peace.
I would like you to come along but don’t know if you will join.
I listen to my heart, it speeds up, rushes now to find you.
I find peace in looking for you, the unknown gives me pleasure.
Anxiety is safety, don’t come closer, please.
You approach, one heartbeat after another, I feel my body getting weaker, my mind dividing.
Accept or run.
But would you run after me, leaping on pedals of roses.
I will hide and you will have to find me.
Will you? Will you fight the big Hercules, swim the river of doubt, ditch the beams of the sun and hold your breath till the day after?
Sticks and stones won’t break my bones, only love will tear me apart.

Invited to an unknown world of caressing words and sweet touches.
I take your hand, if you jump, I will…